Project a37


article 37 of the right to information act states that state institutions must proactively, at least once an year, publish some basic information about themselves.

+individual remuneration details of all employees

+powers & responsibilities of high ranking officials

+budget allocated & proposed expenditures

+Details of services provided

+functions, responsibilities, structure and duties

+details of decisions taken that effect the public

+procedure followed in decision making processes

+norms followed by the institution

+how documents are managed

+mechanism of lodging complaints

+stages & procedure followed in decision making

+how public can suggest & criticize decision-making

+Information maintained & how to request for it

rarely do institutions publicize the information they are supposed to. 

which is why we must actively work to change this culture of secrecy.


project a37 seeks to hold institutions accountable by making them disclose the information under article 37 of the right to information act.

because you as a citizen of the country have a right to information about the institutions that serve you.

the right to information act legally binds institutions to a 21 day deadline to respond to all requests for information.

this makes the right to information a uniquely powerful tool to hold state institutions and representatives directly accountable to you.



hold them accountable.


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